kyle warner pic.png

secretary/treasurer - kyle p. warner. pe., m.asce

Kyle began working at Lucas County in 2002 as a student intern, and has held various positions throughout his career. As a design engineer for various highway design projects, such as Modern Roundabouts, Intersection Signalization, and Highway Widening & Resurfacing, he currently performs Pavement Design, Storm Drain Improvement Design, Traffic Analysis, Right of Way Plan Design, Maintenance of Traffic Design, and Plan Production.

As a project Manager he has experience in securing federal funding through various funding sources (Surface Transportation Program (STP), Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) Improvement Program, Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP), etc.) and producing & coordinating submittals to State Department of Transportation (DOT) as required by said funding. He also has experience hiring, managing, and coordinating design services by engineering firms.

Kyle has a background in traffic engineering, and has performed Traffic Data Analysis, Traffic Studies (Speed Zone Safety Study, Ball Bank Study, Traffic Signal/Multi-way Stop Control Warrant Studies, etc.), Design and Plan Preparation for Guardrail, Pavement Marking, and Raised Pavement Marker Improvements, and project cost estimating and plan review for specification compliance.